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When a loved one with a Living Trust dies, the surviving spouse or children are often named as Successor Trustees and are responsible to administer the estate in accordance with the provisions of the Living Trust. Their tasks as Trustees appear daunting without experienced and expert legal counseling.

Hales & George has over 7,000 clients and each year we help about 60 clients deal with the death of a spouse, parent, family member or friend who had a Living Trust. We know how difficult it can be to grieve and act as Trustee simultaneously. Therefore, we take pride in how we help simplify the trust administration process and shoulder much of the burden. We help to find and value assets, give the requisite notices, file the appropriate Affidavits, Declarations, Deeds and Petitions and then re-title assets into sub-trusts to achieve the proper allocation.

We are proud of our expertise in Trust Administration. We are confident that we can reduce the complications of the Trust Administration process while maintaining the Trust benefits of Probate and tax avoidance and guaranteed beneficiary distributions.

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